Bizzy The Bee

Our BizBot Customer product is a Viritual Booking Assistant, named Bizzy The Bee, that lets you book services in The Cayman Islands online using WhatsApp. Services like an express car wash can be booked simply by sending a quick message through WhatsApp and following the easy steps. It is easy, fast, and reliable.

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Bizzy The Bee
How it works

See how easy it is to make a service request.

1. Add Bizzy The Bee on WhatsApp

You don't need to download any new apps. Just open the Camera in WhatsApp and scan the QR below or Click here to add Bizzy The Bee assistant on WhatsApp.

qr code

2. Say Hey To Bizzy

Say Hey and watch Bizzy The Bee respond back to you in seconds. Bizzy The Bee will greet themself and give you the option to book a service immediately.

sending messa,ge to bizzy the bee

3. Book a service

Tap the Book a Service button on Bizzy The Bee's greeting message and tap an available service that you will like to book.

select a service on whatsapp

4. And Receive Live Updates

You will receive WhatsApp notifications as your request is being worked on until it has been completed

select a service on whatsapp
People love Bizzy The Bee

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I WhatsApp’d the BizHub number that I needed a car wash and they arrived in 5 minutes! Not only were they efficient in washing my car but they paid such attention to detail and with such a positive attitude. Going forward whenever I need a car wash I am using BizHub! — Michelle B.

The speedness and process was very simple and quick. — Jared E.

I loved it, it was very easy and convenient. Even the least tech savvy person can order a car wash through BizHub. — Diandra D.

Say "Hey" to Bizzy The Bee

Open the Camera in WhatsApp and Scan the QR Code below

qr code

Or tap the button below if you are already on your phone.

Screenshot of Customer having a conversation with Bizzy The Bee on WhatsApp
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer online payments?

A: At this time all payments have to be made with cash. The BizHub team is actively working on a secure payment solution to make it easier for you to pay for services before the end of 2022.

Q: Why WhatsApp?

A: We wanted to make it easy for people to access convient services. With WhatsApp being the most used messaging application in The Cayman Islands, this makes every service we offer on the BizHub platform already accessible for The Cayman Islands residents.

Q: Are there any more services available?

A: At this time, Express Car Wash service is the only service available our our platform, however the BizHub team is working on adding a few more services soon.

Q: Can I cancel a request?

A: Yes, requests can be cancelled at anytime. Just send the message Cancel to Bizzy The Bee.

Q: Will I receive any reminders for scheduled requests?

A: Yes, Bizzy The Bee will send you two reminder notificatons. First reminder is 2 hours before the time you request and the second is 1 hour before.

Q: How are you protecting customers privacy?

A: At BizHub, your privacy was one of the primary issues we wanted to solve. We do not share your personal information, besides information necessary for the request (e.g: location service is being requested) to the businesses and their workers, everything is between You and Bizzy The Bee.

Q: Will Bizzy The Bee spam me with marketing content?

A: No, Bizzy The Bee is a virtual assistant and will only communicate with you about the requests that you have made.

Q: The QR code scan and link does not work

A: On some devices, scanning a Whatsapp qr code or opening a Whatsapp link may not work. In such case, you can at Bizzy The Bee to your phone book using the number +1 (345) 546-9066, and search for the added contact on WhatsApp.